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Meet Stella- my 10 yr old rescue mix from

St. Kitts!  Stella's progressive  arthritis is managed with joint supplements, rehab, LASER, acupuncture, reiki, and herbs!!

Last year, Stella became neurologically

weak on her left front limb. 

She is now one happy girl and loves to run around with her brother Jackson!!

               Our pets do so much for us with their unwavering                                          unconditional love.  Lets work together at giving 

                            our pets the healthy and whole life they deserve. . .

    At Pawsitive Healing, we understand how essential the human-animal bond is and how much our pets mean to us.  Our commitment and mission is to offer services that will enhance your furry companions' quality of life and whole health.  


     With a relaxing zen environment, you and your pet will enjoy a unique experience where we focus on function, comfort, and recovery.  

Mobility. Comfort. Harmony

Mind. Body. Spirit



Neurologic Recovery


Orthopedic Surgery



LASER Therapy

Reiki Energy Healing

Pain Management


Rehabilitation & Arthritis Management


Veterinary rehabilitation involves advanced training, and experience in the management of pain and loss of function within the musculoskeletal and nervous systems. Rehab highly accelerates recovery and comfort caused by injury, illness, and aging.

LASER Therapy


Cold Laser therapy offers many benefits including anti inflammatory properties, pain management, promoting healthy blood supply, accelerate tissue or wound recovery, muscle relaxation, and more.



Our underwater treadmill offers amazing therapeutic strengthening, improved joint movement, neurologic training, and muscle mass gain while using the unique properties of water- buoyancy and resistance!

Strengthening exercises


The use of props and fitness equipment to encourage strengthening, balance, and synchronous movement.


Helps to remove tension, trigger points, and relax muscles to allow continuous function and movement.



Acupuncture is based on Traditional Chinese medicine where the stimulation of acu points along meridians (or channels) open the pathway for the balanced flow of Chi- or energy of life.  

Almost any condition can benefit from acupuncture, especially pain management.    

Reiki- Energy Healing


Reiki helps to bring chakras (energy centers) and energy flow into alignment and harmony.  True well being consists of balance within all body systems, meridians, and chakras.  Imbalance occurs in every day life due to external stimuli, stress and traumas.  

Yes, animals have chakras, too!

Herbal Medicine


Herbs are natural supplements derived from plants and are used to treat diseases, balance Chi energy, and maintain a balanced body.


About Dr. Rodrigues

Veterinarian. Traveler. Author

I'm a proud Portuguese-American, born and raised in Northern New Jersey. After I graduated from my alma mater, Montclair State University with a Biology degree, my wanderlust and passion to explore inspired me to move to the Caribbean, where I earned my Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree at Ross University in Saint Kitts. I was very intrigued and committed to exploring as many avenues as I could while navigating through my veterinary program.  While in St. Kitts, I immersed myself in large animal medicine and exotics. I was fortunate enough to work alongside monkeys, sea turtles, wildlife in the plains of South Africa, zoo animals, many birds and reptiles throughout vet school and my first couple of years of practice.  St. Kitts is also where I adopted my rescue mutt Stella!  I bought her a one way ticket to the USA, and she never looked back!  After Ross, I found myself completing my clinical year at the University of Minnesota and practicing in California and North Carolina before moving to Jacksonville four years ago, and I have been here ever since.  Here my other rescue mutt, Jackson- a native Floridian, also found his way into my heart.

With each unique experience, I found myself exploring the world of alternative medicine, completing certifications in Reiki Energy Healing, Canine Rehabilitation at University of Tennessee and Veterinary Acupuncture at the Chi Institute.  

Throughout my years of practicing as a veterinarian, I could not deny my passion for helping restore comfort and function to my patients.  Whether I am treating a young injured pet or an arthritic senior,  there is something so special about being a part of the happiness and fulfillment that comes with alternative and integrative medicine.     

The human-animal bond is so precious.  As a veterinarian, my commitment is to preserve this bond to my best ability and treat my patients as if they are my own- this is a promise.   
There's a peaceful reassurance that comes with knowing there are many options for your pets' health and well being.  Lets work together at keeping your furry companions as healthy as we can.

I will work alongside your primary veterinarian and you to ensure we consider every aspect of your pets' health and happiness- including their existence as soulful beings!   

Please join me at Pawsitive Healing.  I look forwad to our journey.


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Referral Process-


Please email patient medical records, including any relevant diagnostic imaging, to prior to initial consult.

Referring veterinarians, please feel free to contact Dr. Rodrigues to discuss a case prior to referral.  


Once the initial consult is complete, I will reach out to you to discuss findings, recommendations, and plan.


A general scope of conditions that benefit from integrative referral are:

*Any post orthopedic procedures (FHO, CCL repairs, fracture repairs, MPL...)

*Non surgical cranial cruciate recovery

*Aging senior and osteoarthritis **

*Weight loss, obesity

*Any Neurologic condition, including IVDD, FCE

*Acupuncture- Internal medicine- endocrine and dermatologic disorders, kidney failure, immune deficiency, behavioral/anxiety...



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